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Tag: Racing Grind

Episode 13

Nearly 4 months into my #RacingGrind and I hadn't even hit the track yet! I had to get a quick race in before lockdown, though...

Episode 12

Is it necessary for me to actually go racing, or could I get more enjoyment out of track days?

Race Watch 7

Two winners from two rallies, yet neither of the World Champions on the grid have been on the top step. Is that about to change or will their teammates continue to overshadow them in Mexico?

Episode 11

The cancelled Geneva Motor Show left me with a bit of time on my hands this weekend, so I thought I'd pop down to a local car auction...

Episode 10

Why have I decided to create this blog? What's the aim? And why do I think my advice will be any better than anyone else's?

Race Watch 6

Motorsport's favourite documentary series is back for its second year! After the success of season one, is this the sequel just as good?

Episode 9

Considering I've never competed in a 'proper' championship before, why is it so important for me to immediately jump in a car?

Race Watch 5

Formula 1 engines roared into life trackside for the first time this season. With the anticipation rising, what does this year have in store for us?

Episode 8

Racing drivers are athletes, meaning they have to eat like athletes. I definitely don't, so how do I need to change?