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Tag: Living The Racing Grind

Episode 30

This time last year was my first live experience of the Formula One circus. One year on, how was I fortunate enough to go, and how to I remember the experience?

Race Watch 10

The third race of the Formula One season sees the first change of venue. With the new circuit challenges, which teams will be happier after Hungary than Austria?

Episode 29

Being able to watch live motorsport once again has reminded me just how much I love it. But that got me thinking. What made me fall in love with it in the first place?

Race Watch 9: Formula One: Styrian Grand Prix

Race Watch 9

Two races in two weeks! Aren't we spoilt! Nothing will be able to match the chaos of last week's events, though, right? After all, this is Styria, not Austria!

Episode 28

Two very different drivetrain configurations requiring two very different driving styles, but which one should you choose to race with?

Race Watch 8: Formula One Austrian Grand Prix

Race Watch 8

F1 is back, and so is the drama. Here's my 'alternative' view on all the big talking points from the Austrian GP

27. What If You Don't Want to Drive in Circles?

Episode 27

Sure, circuit racing is the most common, most popular form of motorsport, but what's out there if you want to do something different?

26. Racing Drivers - More Than Just Driving

Episode 26

What do racing drivers really do, after all they must do something other than just driving all day, right?

Episode 25

On my quest to find affordable yet competitive racing, I'm evaluating a variety of championships to see which would be best for me. This week, we look at Ginetta