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Tag: Become Racing Driver

26. Racing Drivers - More Than Just Driving

Episode 26

What do racing drivers really do, after all they must do something other than just driving all day, right?

Episode 16

Almost everyone and everything has been affected by Covid-19, so what has the virus meant for Living The Racing Grind?

Episode 13

Nearly 4 months into my #RacingGrind and I hadn't even hit the track yet! I had to get a quick race in before lockdown, though...

Episode 10

Why have I decided to create this blog? What's the aim? And why do I think my advice will be any better than anyone else's?

Episode 8

Racing drivers are athletes, meaning they have to eat like athletes. I definitely don't, so how do I need to change?

Episode 2

Many non-motorsport fans don't see racing as a 'real' sport. Are they actually right?

Episode 1

Starting up a racing career is hard, they say. Just how hard is it though? I'm making it my mission to find out...