Episode 16

“Is Coronavirus Affecting My #RacingGrind?”

Almost everyone and everything has been affected by Covid-19, so what has the virus meant for Living The Racing Grind?

The current worldwide situation is unprecedented in its global impact, with huge effects being felt on both humanitarian and economic levels. The vast majority of people, in the UK at least, aren’t even allowed to leave their homes unless they are performing one of a small number of permitted tasks, such as daily exercise or food shopping. As a result, most businesses have seen either a large reduction in service or have temporarily ceased trading in a bid to conserve their cashflow.

This is all information you most likely know already, but what does it mean for me and, more importantly, my #RacingGrind? Well, there are of course disadvantages, but there are also upsides for this blog. What exactly are they? Read on to find out.


Firstly, the short-term disadvantages, and most notably, blog ideas. You would have already noticed that my #RaceWatch series has fallen flat, and frankly that is because there are no races to watch! Yes, I could work around that by reviewing sim races, however they do not interest me from a spectator viewpoint. Yes, I would love to compete, but watching virtual racing is not my cup of tea.

In terms of the main #RacingGrind blogs, you can probably tell from this article that these ideas are also starting to run dry. Actually, that’s a little unfair. I have plenty of ideas, but not many are possible to follow through with because of the current climate. This is because they may involve attending race meetings or car events, or simply because nobody is available to answer my research emails. As a result, there may be more design-related content coming in the next few weeks (such as helmet, race suit and livery designs), as this is content that I don’t rely on anyone bar myself to make.


Another point to address concerns the cover photos. Up to this point, every photo used as the cover for each blog had been shot by myself or my father. Now, however, I have reached a point where I don’t have enough pictures in the bank, meaning I’m having to improvise. Where possible I will endeavour to continue to use first-hand imagery, although this might not be entirely possible, and so solutions such as this article’s cover will be utilised.

On to the advantages, and the most notable advantage is that of time. Current circumstances mean that I am able to invest much more time and effort into producing a much higher-quality blog. All aspects of the blog, such as website appearance and usability, social media content and blog marketing are all being reviewed, with the idea to improve ease of use, aesthetics and professionalism of the blog in all areas.


Some changes have already started to occur, with new, bold templates having been rolled out on the @TheRacingGrind Instagram page, making each post unmistakably ours when seen by other users, whilst also providing more continuity on the profile page.

Of course, there are also long-term effects to come for most, if not all businesses. Whilst Living The Racing Grind itself is not a business, as there is no cashflow, our future plans are directly affected by other entities. One foreseeable issue is that of sponsorship. The notion of going racing in 2021 is entirely dependent on securing sufficient sponsorship, and with purse-strings being pulled tight by the virus, businesses will almost certainly have less cash on hand to spend on sponsorship.


One thing to reiterate, though, is that this blog is all about a journey onto the racing grid. Every journey encounters hills, and all that’s required to scale those hills is a bit more effort. I still enjoy writing this blog, and so I’m still going to write it, no matter how many people read it. Thank you, though, to those of you who do take the time to digest my ramblings. I promise it’ll get better soon. And I’m not just talking about the blog.


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