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Follow my journey as I attempt to carve a racing career from nothing, no car, no money, not even a racing licence!

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Here it is, the start of a new – and hopefully exciting – weekly blog!

Over the coming weeks, months and (assuming I haven’t succumbed to writer’s block) years, I will be spewing all my motorsport related thoughts, feelings and accomplishments onto this platform for all to immerse themselves within.

The main goal of this blog is to document how difficult it is to forge a career in racing with a start point of zero. No car, no race contract, not even a racing licence.

Join me on my #RacingGrind with new posts each and every Wednesday!

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  • Episode 33
    The British Touring Car Championship is the most illustrious UK-based racing series, but why is that the case? What makes the BTCC so special?
  • Race Watch 12
    A bumper motorsport weekend saw the BTCC at Brands Hatch, Formula E hold the first four of their six-races-in-nine-days bumper event, and this: the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix